About Us

We were established in 2016 to take place in the tourism and transportation sector in Izmir. Our founder Ahmet GÜLER has helped to develop the types of services in the field of tourism and transportation and to offer service options that will meet the needs of the customer portfolio.
We started to develop ourselves in service areas and to expand our company structure with successful studies. We have developed our company, which was established in 2016, to provide services to create customer satisfaction with foreign and domestic companies with which we do business.
In order to better meet the demands from our customer portfolios, GülerVip Turizm Taşımacılık İnş. Auto and car rental Tic. Ltd. We started to provide quality and reliable services by establishing our company named Şti. Our company, which operates in the Bornova district of Izmir, registered with the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies in 2022 and received the title of Class A travel agency.


In order to keep up with all the developments in the tourism and transportation sector, we offer services by adopting a modern service approach. We determine our services according to the needs of our customers and we work continuously to ensure that all service options are safer.
In our services, we value people and strive to create options that are proud of the future and that can touch people more. Our service options include car rental, transfer services, various organizational activities, hotel reservations, flight and bus ticket sales, Erasmus and domestic and international tour programs. We take pride in offering all service options reliably.