Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I make a reservation?

Answer: You can make your travel reservations by phone, e-mail or by coming to our office.

Question: I will book a tour. How can I pay?


Since the first day of its establishment, Izmir Port Travel has always prioritized the happiness of our valued guests.

TRANSFER/EFT: You can make payment from your bank account or from the ATMs of our contracted banks at any time, after making your tour reservation, to the account numbers we have specified here. After making the payment, please make a payment notification or call 0541 259 89 05 immediately.

CREDIT CARD: You can reserve Izmir Port Travel organizations and make instant payments with the credit card given to you in line with your agreement with any bank. To do this, you need to enter your card information by selecting the Payment by Credit Card field in the payment section. As Izmir Port Travel, your credit card information is safe thanks to the SSL security certificate installed on our website.

Question: Is it mandatory to participate in extra tours organized in addition to the tour organizations?

Answer: No, you do not have to participate in the extra tours organized in our tour organizations. As Izmir Port Travel, we organize extra tours for our customers to have a better time. Our customers can join our extra tours if they wish.

Question: Can I choose a seat or location on the bus?

Answer: Izmir Port Travel does not guarantee bus and seat selection. Seating arrangements are created by our authorized friends in accordance with the tour organization. (In special exceptional cases, please inform us.)

Question: Do the tours have a fixed departure? What is the minimum number of people required?

Answer: All tours on Izmir Port Travel's website and announced on Instagram have exact departures. Our tours can be specially arranged for groups of 30+ people.

Question: If I cannot come to the trip I purchased, can someone else join me?

Answer: This is possible until 30 days before the tour departure date, but all penalties for name-specific flight tickets and reservations are collected from the passenger.

Question: What are the procedures regarding visa?

Answer: It is the responsibility of the passenger who will participate in the tour to obtain the visa required for the destination country. Although visa follow-up procedures are carried out by Izmir Port Travel, the decision to grant the visa, its duration, the required documents and the procedure to be applied are entirely subject to the decision of the consulate. The guest is responsible for submitting the requested documents and fees on time. Izmir Port Travel has no responsibility if the visa is not granted or not granted on time or within the requested period. In case of tour cancellation due to failure to obtain a visa, cancellation conditions apply.

Question: Can I buy a flight ticket from Izmir Port Travel?

Answer: You can buy your flight ticket by calling Izmir Port Travel call center or by e-mailing us.

Question: How do you deliver the flight ticket I purchased to me?

Answer: Airlines have switched to an electronic ticketing system. All ticket information is stored electronically in the system and a travel document containing all information is issued to you at the time of online sale. After your purchase is completed, the e-ticket will be delivered to you via e-mail. You can complete your online check-in by entering your confirmation code (PNR) and ticket number on the issued electronic ticket to the relevant airline website and/or go directly to the airport and complete your transactions at the check-in counter to get your flight boarding pass.

Question: How long before the flight should I be at the airport?

Answer: You must be at the airline counter at the airport 2 hours before your scheduled flight for international flights and 1 hour before for domestic flights. We recommend that you add +1 hour by anticipating the airport density.